I was just starting to sing Glycerin really loud when my mom’s boyfriend came into the house and it was honestly an embarrassing moment.

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When former fat people criticize currenlty fat people like dude you know better than anyone that it isn’t always laziness or over eating. So many things cause weight gain, even body chemical changes which we can not control. Just because you are slim or skinny now it doesn’t give you the right to use words like “fat” and phrases like “go on a diet” as insults. You just look like a huge tool bag ass hole. Id rather be friends with that fat person then someone that thinks having a better body makes them worth more.

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Im good bro, I don’t need a flue shot I just drank some Gatorade.

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what did people even wear in 2008

apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur 

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Patrick Stump’s voice is so brilliant like why aren’t more people amazed by his vocal range and talent?

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— me on mark hoppus’ voice (via aidn)

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Anonymous asked
how can one strengthen their relationship with God



- Jamie
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