Bout to get froyo. Yaaaaas.

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Kurt is a voice of a generation because of his music and the way he dealt with his sicknesses not because of his addictions. Courtney is seen as manipulative life draining psycho because of her actions and past history of trouble not because of her addictions. I glorify Kurt because he suffered most of his life but he lived and created and made beautiful things to express himself. I don’t idolize Kurt for being a rock star junkie addict who slammed on a guitar. That was never what he wanted to be or who he wanted to be remembered as. 

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Only the denim is thrifted but both are pretty bad ass.

Phil Sullivan
Rant continued…

Then the way those certain people try to promote I guess what would be called “non-culture appropration” is by being like “Dont ever wear xyz, it is so disrespectful and not okay!!!.” Okay yeah, the fuck are you to tell me what to do with my life. Like chill, damn, about to have your head explode because some white chick want to put a jewel sticker in the middle of her head and go to Coachella. Im tellin you, that is just one thing I will never get. Like now we dont want to take from other countries now do we? Little too late bb’s, kind of what America was built on, kinda what Europeans did for fun, for their gold, god and glory. Dont be conscious about it now, especially when its not even being done maliciously anymore. Imagine a world where non- culture appropriators ruled. No “walk like an Egyptian”, no Michael Jackson’s black or white, no henna tattoo shops on our summer vacations. Yes, what a better place the world would be with all the culture appropriating sin wiped out.

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"Don’t wear a Bindi unless you’re Indian"
“Don’t wear a headdress unless you’re Native American”
“Don’t wear a kimono unless you’re Japanese”

Okay then stop eating waffles and take those gages out your ear because according to those rules you have to be from Belgium and Africa.

It is so ignorant and rude to tell people not to explore and embrace other cultures. Let the people of that culture speak up when they are offended because it seems like a lot of people who have no connection to the culture sure do like to tell others what to do with it.

Also, its just closed minded. I feel the sharing of cultures should be promoted and enjoyed. So then maybe kids from America will understand why some woman wear a hijab or the reason for tribal marks. When we take time to understand the culture and express it ourselves I think that is very healthy because then we are not stealing and discrediting but actually gaining knowledge and creating diversity.

People are so dumb with that culture appropriation dribble. Half the things we say, eat and wear are from a different culture so stfu and stop trying to be riotous.

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On point
A little about me

I recently have gotten a few new followers so I figured I’d introduce myself. Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m 17 from Maryland and third to school and reading, being on tumblr is one of my favorite things to do. I’m really a people person, I love being with friends and making memories. Cross me and our friendship will be over. Over all I’m pretty independent. I’ve taught myself to be confident and to give my all to every goal I have. I enjoy reading, watching old 80’s movies, shopping, trampolines, writing and listening to music. I’m no saint, I like to “turn up” as the kids say but only when offered. I’m very accepting, no matter who you are or what you identify as every single person deserves respect. I started my blog because in 9th grade my art friends talked about tumblr a lot and first I thought it would be pretty dumb but after a week I was hooked. Why analog/indie theme? Honestly, I use to try to be a hipster and I thought the whole aesthetic was pretty cool. Single? Yes, and I’m cool with that. Religious? My relationship with God is very personal and I’d prefer it not be outlined by a religion or book. Talents? Probably my writing, I take an advanced English class. So yeah, this is just a short little intro to me, if you’d like to know more please just send me an ask, it doesn’t have to be anon. Well, thanks for following, bye!

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It’s spring break